Our Director


陳彥琪女士 – – – 藝術總監

CHAN Yin-Ki – – – Artistic Director


陳氏參與手鈴演奏已超過十五年。2003年 十一分音符手鈴隊 成立, 陳氏為創團籌委之一,現為手鈴隊指揮及隊員,除參與手鈴隊的年度音樂會外,亦曾於香港繽紛冬日節、香港圖書館暑期節目巡禮、香港文化中心黃昏藝聚、元朗藝術節等作公開演出。


陳氏亦積極投身於建立社區手鈴隊的工作。2013年,陳氏為「和鈴」手鈴隊的顧問,與隊員們一起走過由零開始建立的時期,並成為「和鈴」創團音樂會的指揮。陳氏對手鈴隊的支持亦造就了Resonance Ringers的成立,組織了一群中學畢業後依然對手鈴演奏充滿熱情的年輕人,陳氏現為Resonance藝術總監,陪伴藉這群年輕人成長並追尋手鈴演奏上的夢想。

對手鈴有著共同的事奉理念,陳氏與駱婉嫻、楊紫婷和賴明心共同創立了手鈴四重奏Bellprints,期望如Mary Stevenson的詩歌“Footprints in the sand”的故事一般,Bellprints能以手鈴音樂與社會上有需要的一群並肩同行。


陳氏熱愛手鈴音樂,經常遠赴海外參與國際手鈴活動。自2006年起參與分別於澳洲、美國及日本舉行的世界手鈴大會及國際手鈴會議,開拓手鈴音樂視野,並不斷精進手鈴演奏及指揮技巧,期間更考獲美國手鈴協會手鈴指揮證書。陳氏亦以優異成績修畢Concordia University, WI的手鈴指揮、演奏及作曲課程,師承Professor John Behnke。

Christine Chan graduated from the Hong Kong Institute of Education with a Bachelor of Education (Hon in Primary Education) Degree, minor in Music Education.

Christine is now a handbell consultant, conductor and active performer in various handbell ensembles as well as her involvement with the church handbell ministry program in HK.

Christine started playing handbell during her undergraduate years and has been involved in handbell choirs for over 15 years. Christine’s enthusiasm for handbell music led to the formation of Double Mallet Ringers in 2003, its members being 11 ex-partners of the HKIED Handbell Advanced Group. Christine is a founding committee member and an active player of the Double Mallet Ringers and is presently the conductor of the team. Christine has actively participated in annual concerts presented by Double Mallet Ringers since 2008, she is also involved in guest performances having been invited to perform by various arts organizations, including Hong Kong Tourism Board, Hong Kong Central Library, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Yuen Long Art Festival, Musicphilic Winds and many others.

Christine had been the Education Supervisor of the Hong Kong Handbell Academy for nine years and is passionate about the education of the next generation in order to pass handbell music on and keep it alive and vibrant. Christine has conducted in many school handbell, handchime and belleplate ensembles and also participated in teacher’s training programs, she puts considerable effort into providing support for a number of new local community choirs. Christine has been the consultant to the RAW Handbell Ensemble (Ring Around the World) and was the guest conductor of their debut concert in 2013.

Christine’s vigorous support has also lead to the formation of a community choir Resonance Ringers, which has been found by a group of young, energetic ringers who have just graduated from secondary schools and want to retain and develop their passion for handbell performing as an ongoing feature in their lives.

Sharing a common dream and devotion to handbell ringing, Bellprints the handbell quartet ensemble, has been formed in association with Jessica Lok, Phoebe Yeung and Janice Lai. Bellprints has been invited to present a Grand Christmas concert at the prestigious Rudolf Steiner House in London UK in December 2017.

Christine has been actively involved in the development of handbell sacred music at her local church, endeavouring to bring handbell ringing back to its origins, she provides advice and devotes much of her time and infectious enthusiasm and energy into different churches. Christine is now serving in the Chai Wan Baptist Church as the consultant and conductor of the handchime ensemble, helping them to set up their long-term handbell program to train handbell musicians and conductors.

Christine has been actively participating in international handbell events since 2006, she participated in the International Handbell Symposium and the National Seminars held at Brisbane, Osaka, Orlando and Dallas to hone her skills in handbell ringing and conducting. Christine holds the “Certificate of General Handbell Director” Certification from the American Guide of English Handbell Ringers (AGEHR). Christine finished the Graduate Program in Handbell Studies at Concordia University, Wisconsin, where she had studied Handbell Conducting, Performance and Composing with the renowned Professor John Behnke.