About us

54222313_609357719525857_4449605630692425728_o.jpgWe Are Resonance Ringers!

RESONANCE 最初由5位年輕人在2013年而成立。憑著對手鈴音樂的喜愛與堅持,手鈴隊規模逐漸擴大,現今已發展為一隊共13人的手鈴隊。


RESONANCE 的隊員擁有豐富的手鈴演奏經驗,曾被邀請在「香港大學國際詩詞獎頒獎禮」中擔任表演嘉賓;並曾參與港鐵舉辦的「港鐵.藝術」演出,與公眾分享手鈴音樂,有活力的演出得到觀眾的認同與讚賞。2017年我們以一場別開新面、充滿活力的Handbell Band Show作為我們的創團音樂會。繼而分別被誠品生活邀作聖誕表演、及被本地樂隊Sustain邀請作音樂會表演嘉賓。我們期望在未來日子能夠有更多機會與觀眾分享我們喜愛的手鈴音樂。

RESONANCE RINGERS was found in 2013 by five young ringers who all held a deep passion for handbell performing and wanted to share their joy with the rest of the world. Today, Resonance has grown and evolved into a highly accomplished ensemble of 13 talented and motivated ringers, producing spectacular and entertaining music for a wide audience.

All of our ringers are very unique in their own way, but a love of the handbell, a very special instrument, draws us all together to share the sounds and joy that it brings into our lives. Primarily founded on the basic principle that we all share the same dream and passion for handbell ringing, we named our team “RESONANCE “. We passionately believe that we can create something meaningful, spectacular and unique in the handbell world.  We hope to share our dream and mission of bringing more handbell music to a much more diverse and widespread population, as well as evoking a resonance between the audience and our ringers through the medium of our beautiful and harmonious sounds.

Our ringers each have a wealth and diversity of handbell performing experiences from their own backgrounds but come together in perfect accord as RESONANCE.

RESONANCE was first invited to be the performing guest of “The HKU International Poetry Prize: A Night of Celebration" in 2015 where it was highly acclaimed as an energetic and joyous performing team.  The group was also invited by the MTR Corporation in the “Art in MTR” function in Christmas 2016 to share the handbell music to the public. RESONANCE held a handbell band show as its debut concert in 2017 summer. The performance was claimed as innovative and energetic by the audience. The group was soon invited by the Eslite Hong Kong in 2017 Christmas and the local band Sustain as performing guest in 2018. We hope that we can have more opportunities to share the joy of playing handbell and to spread the love and happiness it brings to everyone whom it touches, for many years to come.